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Dolphins To Remind Fans Kicking Is Hard At Halftime

What's the deal with the Miami Dolphins offering a $10,000 prize for a 60-yard field goal? Three fans who showed up to the team's melanoma screening in June will have the opportunity to win 10 grand by attempting a field goal that a lot of NFL placekickers couldn't nail.

Wait, now they're saying it's 40 yards. Still, though.

This could be some kind of sneaky tactic by the Dolphins, searching for the next hidden talent at kicker. Seriously, if one of these fans is able to nail a 40-yard field goal, or even come close, shouldn't Miami, I don't know, consider signing this person?

Successfully kicking this field goal should be worth more than a $10,000 prize. It should be worth an NFL gig or at least a tryout, right? No one expects these three contestants to do anything but embarrass themselves with the field goal attempt. But what if one of them surprises? Where to go from there?

Basically, the Dolphins realize how impossible this is, so they're dangling 10 large that they know they'll never have to give up.

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