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2012 NBA power rankings: Heat, Magic stay the course

With a look at this week's power rankings, Florida's teams didn't make much movement.

Christian Petersen

The Miami Heat and Orlando Magic did not move too much in this week's NBA power rankings.

In SB Nation's power rankings, the Heat rank sixth. It's the same spot they held last week:

Playing that long road trip a bit short-handed may have been a bit of a team-building experience. Guys like Norris Cole, Rashard Lewis and Udonis Haslem made meaningful contributions when called upon, helping pull Miami through a grueling stretch. Following that crazy Grizzlies game the perimeter defense continued to sputter against the Clippers, but it was still a decent enough road trip, all things considered.

The Magic also didn't shift much. They moved up one spot from 27th to 26th in SB Nation's power rankings:

One of several things killing the Magic right now: They're starting games slowly. Even with Jameer Nelson back in the starting unit, Orlando's early deficit had them playing from behind for much of Sunday afternoon's game and set to collapse once they'd finally pulled even.

In ESPN's power rankings, Miami is the No. 5 team. The Heat fell two spots with the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers pushing into the top three. ESPN notes that Chris Bosh "has been liberated by a ring," like LeBron James. The Magic are the No. 26 team on the power rankings, which was unchanged from the previous week.

The Heat sit fourth in the FOX Sports power rankings, which is right where they were last week. Miami was the only team in the top seven not to make some kind of move. The Magic are No. 26, down one spot from last week.

The power rankings has the defending champions sitting in the No. 4 spot, which is a one-spot improvement from last week. The Magic moved up from No. 28 to No. 26 this week thanks to a few teams dropping, like the Sacramento Kings (23 to 29).

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