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Heat's LeBron James stays in shape by riding a bike

Is the secret to his endurance his frequent bicycle rides to the American Airlines Arena?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the most underrated aspect of LeBron James' career has been his ability to stay on the floor.

He's in his 10th season in the NBA and he's never missed more than seven games in a season. This year has been no different, as LeBron has played in all 22 of the Heat's games while averaging 37 minutes a night, never once seeming to slow down or get tired.

After their 103-92 victory over the Timberwolves on Tuesday, where LeBron played 42 minutes, he credited his endurance to an unlikely source, courtesy of the Miami Sun-Sentinel:

"I felt great. I didn't get tired. I don't think I got tired (Tuesday) night. I felt great. I could have played again if we had to. Yeah, I've been biking a little more than usual. It's fun. It's also conditioning, it's cardio."

Making the 30-45 minute bike ride from his home to the American Airlines Arena has become a more common occurrence for LeBron this season.

When asked whether people recognize him on the way to the stadium, he said that he was too "in the zone" to notice.

So if you see a 6'9, 270-pound man pedaling away on the side of the road in the Miami area, you don't need to look twice. He's just trying to get to work on time like anyone else.

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