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NBA Playoffs 2012, Pacers Vs. Heat: Reaction To Heat's Game 3 Loss

The Miami Heat got absolutely run off the court in the second half of their Game 3 against the Pacers. They now face a 2-1 series defect and an absolutely must-win Game 4 over the weekend. Of all the things that concerned Peninsula is Mightier, it's the last minute lineup change that might be the worst.

The Heat now find themselves on the ropes, and James and Wade will have to shoulder plenty of the burden. Both of those players need to have monster games to win. Chris Bosh is injured. Mike Miller was the Sixth Man of the Year six years ago, but he won't turn into that player anytime soon. Haslem's rapid regression as a player has him conjuring up memories to Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who couldn't make a jumper or even jump in the playoffs last year. Battier can barely graze the rim on his wide-open 3-point attempts now.

I know that Chris Bosh's absence has thrown a wrench into the whole thing, but that shouldn't mean changing 40% of the lineup for such an important Playoff game. Spoelstra still doesn't know who he can trust, and that's a huge issue.

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