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Video: Yoenis Cespedes Hits First Home Run In Dominican Winter League

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The Miami Marlins have made it clear that they have one last target on their offseason wish list: Yoenis Cespedes. The Cuban centerfielder has generated a ton of interest this offseason, and although he isn't yet eligible for free agency (but should be by the end of the offseason), there are already at least six teams that have expressed interest in him. Cespedes has hinted that the Cubs have shown the most interest in him so far, but judging from the public comments by the Marlins, I wouldn't count them out of any bidding war for Cespedes.

Cespedes has been playing in the Dominican Winter League over the past few weeks, and his slow start led some people to speculate that he may be hurting his cause. He is hitting .130 through six games, and his bat is definitely looking a tad rusty from having such a long period without facing live pitching.

But in last night's game, Cespedes showed everyone why he's in such demand. In the top of the sixth inning, he crushed a home run to deeeep left field, his first quasi-professional homer.

Video below the jump.

Cespedes looks like a perfect fit for the Marlins. Just look at him. Not only does he crush a titanic home run, but he then lingers at the plate to watch it go and tosses his bat aside. The Marlins are going for flair and excitement this season, and Cespedes' style seems like the perfect addition.

Hat tip to the Sun Sentinel for the video.

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