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Miami Marlins Owner David Samson Insults Fans And Players

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the Miami Marlins this season. A new stadium, new uniforms and some nice talent, including free agent acquisition Jose Reyes have the Marlins looking to make a postseason run this year. But even when the excitement builds, there's always one person who can ruin it in an instant.

Enter Marlins owner David Samson. Samson was the person that got the stadium deal in place and got it built. But during a meeting with local business owners called the Beacon Council, Samson let fly some insulting at best quotes.

I don't have to hold back now that the stadium is built. We're not the smartest people in Miami. If you're in this room, you're instantly in the top 1%

So already this owner is insulting the intelligence of the people of Miami. That's one thing. What else could this owner do? Fully admit that making money is more important than fans.

If the Marlins were to move to Las Vegas, Mr. Samson said, he suggested the casinos there buy out game tickets in advance so nobody would be drawn away from the casinos.

"We don't care if nobody comes," Mr. Samson recalled with a smile. "We'll play in front of nobody, and we'll have all the money."

That's always a good way to get on the side of your home city. But then what about the Marlins biggest acquisition, Jose Reyes? Is he a guy that's all in in helping the Marlins with their third world series in less than 20 years of their existence? Not according to Samson. To him Reyes is just being greedy.

[Reyes] said 'I really want to play in Miami as long as you pay me $1 more than anyone else... I really want to make the most money I can.'

So in one fell swoop, you've insulted the intelligence of an entire city, admitted that making money is more important than fans and insulted your prize free agent at someone who just wants a big payday and doesn't care what he does for the most successful team in Miami for the last 20 years. A team that, by the way, has been broken up for payroll reasons every time its had success, see 1997 and 2003.

David Samson is now going to have to do damage control for the foreseeable future on this. Just dusting it under the rug won't be enough, especially if his bottom line suffers because of his callous statements.

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