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Fans Too Loud For The Heat At Marlins Park?

According to some, Marlins fans might be a bit too rowdy. With the Miami Heat amid another playoff run that has landed them in the NBA Finals, some fans during baseball games at Marlins Park have taken to watching the hoops games in The Clevelander bar in left field, and their cheers have been heard echoing throughout the stadium. From the Palm Beach Post:

There have been a few times that the Heat cheering has rubbed Marlins players the wrong way.

Closer Heath Bell said he has jokingly yelled at fans in The Clevelander, which is next to the Marlins' bullpen.

"I know I got annoyed the last couple of times because it was ‘Let's go He-eat!' I was like, "Let's go Marlins!" I was yelling back at them,'' he said today.

"Let's go Heat. I was like, ‘Wow, we could use some cheering like that.'

"I know the Heat is in the playoffs and trying to get a championship, and they'll probably be like that with us when football starts. I understand fans are passionate but you're at a baseball game.''

Bell's advice to Heat fans at Marlins Park?

"Cheer when they do something or once in while yell out the score, but cheer on us, too.''

Let's go Heat and Marlins!

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