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Ozzie Guillen Not Happy With Buster Olney

Like any good manager, Ozzie Guillen won't stand to see the men in his charge subjected to baseless criticism. He also won't see them subjected to accurate criticisms, possibly making him some kind of double-good manager. So when Buster Olney of ESPN made an accurate assessment of the Miami Marlins' 2012 season, Ozzie was quick to take to Twitter and set the record straight. Ozzie's tweet and more after the jump.

Olney had the gall to call a team that sits at 63-81 "not competitive," and further to claim that the season was a "colossal failure" and a "disappointment." Presumably Ozzie disagrees with all of the above, as indicated in his tweet:

Had you asked me, I also would have suspected that Guillen would be disappointed in the outcome of his season. Apparently I would have been wrong, though, because...well, you saw what he told Buster.

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