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UFC 149: Hector Lombard's Fight Streak In Perspective

Hector Lombard is on a 25-fight winning streaking heading into his bout with Tim Boetsch at UFC 149, but the entirety of his fight streak has been in promotions such as Bellator, Cage Fighting Championship, and other smaller promotions.

As Mike Chiapetta of MMA Fighting presents, there's two schools of thought on Lombard's winning streak. There is the belief that anyone who can ride a 25-fight winning streak is a legit MMA powerhouse, no matter the opponent. Then there are the ones who question the talent he's faced to rack up all of those wins.

Lombard's last loss was to Gerard Mousasi at Pride Bushido 13 back in November of 2006. Through his fight streak, the Cuban born Lombard has dispatched a handful of UFC veterans, but he knows there are still critics who don't believe in him.

"I feel that after Saturday night, you guys are going to see what I'm all about," Lombard said at Thursday's UFC 149 press conference. "I'm really looking forward to Saturday night to show you guys what I can do in the cage."

Chiapetta lays out what he thinks he's seen from Lombard:

Lombard's opponent caliber has not been top 10 for sure, but he never got trapped by unfamiliar fighter, he never got caught looking past a smaller name. He has also shown himself capable of overwhelming opponents that have already fought where Boetsch is standing. You may not be convinced that Lombard has the goods to survive among the UFC's best, but faced with the level of available opposition outside the UFC, he did what he was supposed to do: he crushed them.

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