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Dwight Howard Trade: Should Franchise Center Just Return Home To Play For Hawks?

Dwight Howard has certainly not endeared himself to NBA fans over the past season, taking the entire league on a roller coaster ride that has reached absurd levels. The Howard drama instantly kicked back up this offseason, even after he opted in for another year and the Magic responded by bringing in a new GM and eventual coach. Howard's insistence on playing with the Brooklyn Nets has made it exceedingly difficult for new GM Rob Hennigan to work out a deal with other teams who are scared he will not re-sign.

But SB Nation's Peachtree Hoops has an idea on how Dwight can rebuild his reputation: come home to Atlanta and play for the Hawks. They make a compelling case, arguing the Howard could signal that he would play for his hometown team, which has the assets and room to pull off a potential deal but would need assurances. Atlanta is also far from a dead spot in the league, with many players desiring to play there. This is all part of the the pitch from Peachtree Hoops:

The answer is easy: Come home to Atlanta.

Atlanta provides all of the above, starting with a place that you can be a star and still easy blend in. Atlanta is full of athletes that crawl all over the city and have a good time. You know what I am talking about.

You would be revered for choosing your home town, appreciated for blessing the city with your choice and never bothered about pesky things like championships. Ask Dominique Wilkins if he has to explain his playoff record or is he still thought of as the greatest Atlanta athlete ever?

It sounds like a pretty good idea in their. Magic fans, however, have grown weary of the incessant Howard drama -- which now seems to most realistically involved a deal with the Rockets.

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