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Why Not Talk To Dwight Howard Again?

There was no harm in the Magic talking to Dwight Howard again.

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Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan and his staff met with Dwight Howard in Los Angeles Wednesday.

Orlando wanted to present Howard with a plan for the future in an attempt to change Howard's mind and convince him to remain with the Magic long term.

Most fans and even most members of the media are fed up with this whole situation and just want Howard to be traded, ending this whole saga.

You can't blame them for feeling this way, but the criticism Orlando is taking because they still have Howard on the roster just seems silly.

Even though Howard reportedly told Hennigan he still wants out of Orlando, there was no harm in making another effort to keep him. He's that good.

The Magic were hopeful their new regime could change Howard's mind, but it just didn't work out. Now Orlando can put that scenario to bed and become fully engaged in Howard trade talks.

However, there is no rush to trade Howard.

Of course, the Magic can't let Howard leave as a free agent (which he has apparently said he would do if the Magic don't trade him) without any return and they won't let that happen.

Many believe the market for Howard is dwindling because of the moves many teams, including Howard's desired destination, the Brooklyn Nets, have made this offseason. The Nets traded for Joe Johnson and re-signed Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace.

The Nets couldn't offer much to begin with. The Magic didn't want to trade Howard for an overpaid Lopez coming off of a foot surgery and a bunch of draft picks in the 20's.

If Orlando wants to try their luck with Andrew Bynum, the option should remain available throughout the season. If they want to make a deal with the Rockets, the Magic may have to wait because of the Rockets signing their rookies, but some sort of deal with the Rockets will probably an option for quite some time.

Plus, who knows if another suitor could turn themselves into a major player in the Howard sweepstakes.

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