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NCAA Conference Realignment: Big East Contacted By Conference USA, Mountain West About Possible Merger

The Big East as we knew it is no more. The teams that defined it on the football for so many years, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and West Virginia, are on their way out and the remaining teams are likely scrambling to find inclusion in another Conference with a brighter future. The Big East is also struggling to define their future, and according to Mark Anderson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, that may come as part of a new super-conference with the Mountain West and Conference USA.

Commissioners from the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA are scheduled to meet with the head of the Big East Conference today to discuss the formation of one 28- to 32-football team super conference in an effort to gain automatic Bowl Championship Series status. The Mountain West and Conference USA already have agreed to merge by either next year or in 2013.

The logistics of forming a super conference like this would be completely insane. The travel, the scheduling, and who knows how this would apply to the non-football sports. To be honest, it just feels a little bit desperate, but maybe that is where the Big East is right now.

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