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How TCU Joining The Big XII Affects USF

With TCU all set to join the Big XII next year, it puts the Big East on life support as the conference is now down to six football members. At this point, the Big XII is waiting for Missouri to decide whether it will leave for the SEC or stay with the Big XII. If the Tigers decide to stay, there are reports out there that say the Big XII will stop at 10 teams and give the Big East a stay of execution. If the Tigers go however, Louisville will be the next school invited, and that would most likely cause the Big East to effectively cease to exist.

Voodoo Five talked about this possible scenario last year when it looked like the Big 10 was going to expand and demolish the Big East.

If three or more all-sports BIG EAST members leave and no one goes past 14 teams, we think USF is well and truly ------. And we're not just throwing that word around. It would be an epic fail of the highest order. Once it gets down to five teams, it's all over. The BIG EAST wouldn't have enough left in football to lay any claim to being a BCS-worthy conference, or even a viable football league.

At this point, USF will have to wait it out and see what happens. The ACC isn't an option at this point with two other Florida teams already in the conference, and the Big XII not looking at USF at the moment. The Bulls would either have to drop down to Conference USA or be a part of some hodgepodge Big East that would include various MAC and C-USA squads to fill out the ranks. Either way, it doesn't put USF in the best situation until the next round of expansion happens.

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