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USF Bulls To Face Off Against Notre Dame In Season Opener

This Saturday at 3:30pm, the South Florida Bulls kick off their football season with an away game against Notre Dame.

How do you know that the college year has started back up again? Is it when you see Facebook status updates from people attending their first classes? Is it when you see hundreds of families swarming campus on move-in day? It may be obvious to those living nearby campus -- or if you're a student or professor -- but for those of us no longer in college or located near one, it can sometimes feel other-worldly that college is still going on somewhere. The college world works in its own little bubble, and it's so easy to forget what it's like if you're not there.

But then college football season begins. Ah yes, college has officially started now.

This upcoming weekend, the USF Bulls kick off their season by facing Big East rivals Notre Dame in the season opener for both teams. This is an important match for the Bulls; Notre Dame is good, but they far from an unbeatable team and a win against them would help set the tone for the season. This is one of the marquee matchups for the Big East this first weekend, and it's a chance for the Bulls to show everyone that they mean business this year.

We'll be posting more game previews in this Stream over the next couple of days, but in the meantime, our friends at Voodoo Five have been putting together a collection of posts previewing this week's game. If you're looking for reading to get you prepped and excited for the game, this is a great place to start:

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And if you're planning on going to the game, here are some guides to help you out in the area:

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Stay tuned for more news and analysis over the next couple of days, and be sure to tune in to Voodoo Five.

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