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Adam Greenberg still trying to play baseball

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Will we see more of Adam Greenberg in the Spring of 2013?

Marc Serota - Getty Images

Adam Greenberg, 31, is still trying to land a job in the MLB. He was an up-and-coming prospect with the Chicago Cubs when things suddenly went downhill.

In his first Major League at-bat, Greenberg was struck in the head by the first pitch he saw. That was in 2005, against the then-Florida Marlins. Greenberg struggled with concussion symptoms and played in the minor leagues for several seasons, but he never got his chance to return to the bigs.

Last week, the Miami Marlins gave Greenberg a one-day contract so he could return to professional baseball. In his only at-bat, he struck out on three pitches against R.A. Dickey. But that isn't the end of the story.

Although last week's at-bat against Dickey was thrilling and gratifying, Greenberg is still eager to return to the bigs in a permanent position. He hopes to earn a spot on a team's 2013 Spring Training roster. Said Greenberg,

"I'm planning on playing next year. I'm hoping this brought on some opportunities for me to do that and get another shot and earn it on the field."

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