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Big Baby releases rap track called 'Turn It Up'

The Orlando Magic power forward released an auto-tuned heavy song on Thursday where he rapped about partying, being famous and turning "it" up.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Glen "Big Baby" Davis released a new rap song on the Orlando Magic's website called "Turn It Up" on Thursday. It's no "Party All The Time," to say the least:

Athletes and actors have a long and not particularly illustrious history of trying to dabble in music. The Orlando Magic, in particular, have had many aspiring musicians over the years, including Dwight Howard, Shaq and Brandon Bass.

None are likely to feel threatened by Davis' auto-tuned intensive effort to get people to turn it up and party harder. Davis, who is (generously) listed at 6'9, 290 pounds, might be inspired to turn it up a little higher in the weight room and the nutritionist office, but I digress.

At one point in the song, he brags about how famous he is, which does seem to be a bit of a stretch. But maybe "Turn It Up", which sounds like a throwaway, can change that.

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