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Aqib Talib suspension: Greg Schiano 'is blowing it' as Bucs head coach, says writer

Tom Jones of the Tampa Bay Times does not agree with Greg Schiano's decision to bring Aqib Talib back to the team when his suspension is over.

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano plans on utilizing cornerback Aqib Talib when his four-game, league-issued suspension is up.

By allowing Talib to return to the team, Tom Jones of the Tampa Bay Times believes that Schiano is "blowing it" as Tampa Bay's head coach.

This is the same coach who, in his introductory news conference, talked about accountability and trust and setting boundaries. Apparently, it was all just talk.

Never again do I want to hear about the "Buccaneer way'' or "Buccaneer men.'' It means nothing, unless the "Buccaneer way" includes employing a guy who gets in fights, cracks teammates in the face with a helmet, yells at officials, punches cab drivers and gets suspended, not to mention fails drug tests for smoking weed in college.

While Jones has a point, it's also Schiano's job to win. For head coaches in the NFL, success is measured in wins and losses – and unless Schiano produces wins, he's going to eventually be canned as Tampa Bay's head coach.

The league, for better or worse, levied Talib's suspension. Schiano, like any head coach in the NFL, is abiding by the suspension, and will use his player once the suspension is up. It's as simple as that – and it doesn't mean Schiano is contradicting himself.

Schiano wasn't Talib's head coach for his previous mishaps and run-ins. It's Schiano's right to give Talib a second chance – regardless of if it's Talib's second, third, or fourth chance with the organization.

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