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2013 NFL Pro Bowl voting: League can't spell Paul Posluszny's name

If you wanted to vote for Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Paul Posluszny for the 2013 Pro Bowl, you're out of luck. But, you can vote for Paul Postluszny.


The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl voting is now open, so if you would like to vote for any Jacksonville Jaguars to make the All-Star game, you're free to do so. Despite the unlikelihood any Jaguars player actually makes the Pro Bowl, there is one mystery player on the team you can vote for.

Linebacker Paul Postluszny. Postluszny must be a pretty good player since he is on the Pro Bowl ballot, but I have not been able to find any stats for him this season. He might be a good blitzer, but I have no idea how many sacks he has. He could be great in pass coverage, but I can't find any passes defended or any interceptions by him. I can't even find out how many tackles the man has.

Oh, they mean Paul Posluszny. Whoops.

I understand misspelling Posluszny's name, because it's a tongue twister to pronounce, but where are you getting a "T" from?

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