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DLT's Deadlocks: Week 11 NFL Picks

SBNation Tampa Bay's JC De La Torre makes his Week 11 picks.


Like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Diego Chargers, my fast start has fallen apart and the NFL has spoken to let me know I have no clue when I pick games.

It's okay though. I've told you since the beginning that I'm terrible at this. My 6-10 record last week just confirmed it for you. No, this is for entertainment purposes only.

Are you not entertained?

At the very least you can laugh at how brutally bad my predictions are.

I know I'd find that entertaining if I were you.

In any event, so live from our Nation's capital, here is my Week 11 predictions...

Last Week: 6-10 37% Season: 92-54 63% Upset Specials: 8-9 47% Bucs Picks: 6-3 67%

Byes: Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Houston

Thursday Night

Denver 20, NY Jets 10 - I've made the conscious decision to no longer doubt Tim Tebow. Being a Florida Gator fan, I should have known better - but then I see the kid throw the football and cringe. Cold hard fact - Tim Tebow is winning, Josh Freeman is not. And Tebow's doing it with a much worse ballclub. As a Bucs' fan, that's hard to stomach. As for the Jets - They are inconsistent as usual.


Green Bay 45, Tampa Bay 10 - Let's see, the undefeated defending Super Bowl Champions coming off consecutive games where they put 45 points on the board - facing a Bucs team who were blown out by Houston and San Francisco by 30 points?

Detroit 30, Carolina 10 - Last week was one of the first times I've picked the Lions to win a game this season...and they lost 37-13. That shouldn't happen this week....I think.

Cleveland 20, Jacksonville 17 - Jacksonville proved they can keep the Colts winless. The Browns proved they can't even beat the St. Louis Scams. Still, the Browns are at home and it will be cold. Not a good thing for a team from Florida.

Oakland 27, Minnesota 13 - The Raiders inch closer to a possible return to the playoffs. The Vikings inch closer to a possible top 5 pick.

Buffalo 23, Miami 13 - The Dolphins are red hot, winning two straight. The wheels have come off Buffalo's wagon, losing two straight. Still, I can't see the Bills losing this game...

Dallas 23, Washington 20 - I was a believer in Washington earlier in the season. Now I'm not. The Cowboys aren't a playoff team but they're certainly better than the Skins.

Baltimore 23, Cincinnati 20 -  The Ravens have gotten their Steelers hangover out of their system. The Bengals have shown to be not quite ready for prime time.

San Francisco 30, Arizona 10 - The 49ers try to keep pace with Green Bay for the number one seed in the NFC. Did I just type that?

Seatte 23, St. Louis 13 - If things go as I predict (yeah, that always happens), the Seahags and the Bucs will have identical records. Say it ain't so, Rah! Say it ain't so!

Atlanta 20, Tennessee 10 - The Flukins bounce back from their disappointing defeat to New Orleans

Chicago 30, San Diego 20 - Okay, Bears. I'm buying in. Chargers? Looks like a power outage.

Sunday Night

NY Giants 27, Philadelphia 20 - The great thing about the failure of "The Dream Team"  is all those Buccaneers fans who complain about the Glazers have a cautionary tale of irresponsible spending.

Monday Night

New England 36, Kansas City 13 - The Patriots are getting their groove back while the Chiefs continue their free fall. The Pats unleash hell!

Photographs by, thelastminute, turtlemom nancy , fesek, kthypryn, justinwright, sue_elias, pointnshoot, and scrapstothefuture used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.