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DLT's Deadlocks Week 9 NFL Picks

SB Nation Tampa Bay's JC De La Torre takes another humorous look at the NFL in his Week 9 picks segment.

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It wasn't quite the bounce back week one would have hoped for, but considering my sordid history of picking games, I'll take my 8-5 week and resolve to do better. I assume that's what Drew Brees and the Saints plan on doing after getting debacled by one of the worst teams in pro football.

While I have your attention, I'd like to step upon my soapbox a bit.

Let me see if I have this straight - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have beaten both the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints - and pretty much dominated both games until late rallies by those two teams made it "closer than it should've been". The Bucs, who were already playing without their top running back, lose HIS backup, both the starting and backup center, their ONLY fullback, their starting middle linebacker and strong safety in the same game and had the ball in the final minute with a chance to beat the Chicago Bears.

The Saints got destroyed by the Rams - THE RAMS.

Yet it's the Bucs that are called "lucky" and "pretenders" by the so-called experts?

I just don't understand BSPN and I guess now I need to include in that "not-knowing what they're talking about" group.

I digress. Where were we? Oh yes, of course.

Week 9 in the NFL. Let's pick some games and have some fun. I promise I won't pick against the Lions this week.

Last Week: 8-5 61% Season: 80-36 69%  Upset Specials: 7-5 58% Bucs Picks: 5-2 71%

Byes: Detroit, Minnesota, Carolina, Jacksonville

Kansas City 30, Miami 13 - How about those Chefs? Great Googly Moogly! 4 in a row after looking like the worst team ever to take an NFL field in the first two weeks. They get the Suck for Luck-ers this week. Five in a row seems to be in the offing.

Atlanta 20, Indianapolis 6 - This could be a Rams-type doughnut game for the Falcons with the Saints on the horizon. Still, the Colts look like they've already made golf plans while Peyton Manning's neck isn't getting any better. Could there be two 0-16 teams in the NFL this year?

Upset Special: Tampa Bay 28, New Orleans 21 - I was planning on going with the Saints with this pick - but the national media's disrespect for the Bucs just ticked me off. Plus, I truly think that they stand a darn good chance at winning this game and my Upset Specials need a pick-me-up.

Buffalo 20, NY Jets 13 - The J-E-T-S have slowly climbed back into the race in the AFC East while the Bills continue to prove their legitimacy. I think Buffalo earns another statement win at home.

Dallas 23, Seattle 13 - Surely the Cowboys can beat Seattle at Jerry World, right? Right?

Houston 20, Cleveland 13 - At 5-3, the Texans are the class of the AFC South - yet why don't I believe they'll be there at the end of the season?

Upset Special #2 Washington 23, San Francisco 20 - The Niners are well overdue for a let down game and they have travel 2,441 miles to face a mediocre but dangerous Skins team.

Cincinnati 20, Tennessee 13 - Two teams no one believes in square off in Nashville. Who proves to be for real? My bet? Neither, but I'll roll with the Red Rocket.

Oakland 28, Denver 7 - Everyone's favorite Christian heads to the Black Hole. The power of Tebow repels me in this one. Yes, it took me one entire week to jump of the TIMMA! bandwagon.

New England 27, NY Giants 20 - Some people believe the Steelers provided a blueprint on how to beat New England. I don't think the Giants studied it very well.

Arizona 27, St. Louis 20 - Someone must win this game. I'm going with the home team...or a tie. No, I'll stick with the home team.

Upset Special #3: San Diego 31, Green Bay 28 - Green Bay's got to lose some time, this one feels like a logical loss against a Chargers team desperate for a win. Either I strike it rich with upset specials this week or I go down in flames and end up with a losing upset special record...

Sunday Night

Baltimore 27, Pittsburgh 20 - The Steelers have looked terrific since Warren Sapp called them old. Baltimore has looked like dog crap since making their statement with their win in Pittsburgh. So naturally, I'm picking the Ravens. Sorry Pittsburgh, you're not playing Catwalaga State this week.

Monday Night

Philadelphia 30, Chicago 23 - Finally, a moderately interesting Monday Night Football game. I like Vick and the Eagles to continue to climb back into the playoff conversation.

Photographs by, thelastminute, turtlemom nancy , fesek, kthypryn, justinwright, sue_elias, pointnshoot, and scrapstothefuture used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.