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NFL Lockout Over? Judges Nelson Sides With The Players, Owners Appeal

In the ever-changing courtroom drama of the National Football League off-season, the latest little victory has come in favor of the NFL players. Judge Susan Nelson has ordered a lift to the lockout, meaning players can return to work on Tuesday. The prospects of the 2011-2012 NFL season have been fairly gloomy since March, when the players union and the owners could not agree on a new collective bargaining agreement.

Though the latest ruling has helped generate a little excitement about the NFL, the opening kick off is still a long ways away. The owners, in reaction to the ruling, will take the case to the appeals court, hoping to get better treatment from the typically business-friendly, according to ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack.

Even without the appeals process, the NFL is still several hurdles away from guaranteeing a 2011 season. The league still has the task of creating a mutually acceptable collective bargaining agreement -- the very task that led to the present courtroom battle.

If the league does not sort out it's legal problems, footballs will have start picking their favorite UFL teams soon.

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