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2011 NFL Draft: Buccaneers Using Agents To Help Form Draft Boards

The 2011 NFL Draft is right around the corner, sort of. Well, it's at least a lot closer now than it was when we started talking about it months ago. As it draws near, our opinions about the prospects who will be available become more crystallized. Which is a similar process to what the teams are going though, but they seem to be getting some help that we as fans are not privy too.

According to Rick Stroud at the Bucs have been asking the agents who are representing the players to help them form their Draft board.

Tampa Bay's scouting department has been asking individual agents for feedback about where they believe the players they represent will be selected in order to build its mock draft board . . . "It's one of the few different ways we're able to compare our evaluations to others to see if there's much daylight, plus or minus,'' said Bucs communications director Jonathan Grella.

This is an interesting tactic by the Bucs. Assuming the agents are honest with them (kind of a major leap) it could be a good way for the Bucs to bring a draft board together. When you're drafting, it is important to get good value from your picks, meaning not taking a guy too much higher than he should go. Talking to those on the inside is a good way to do that.

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