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DLT'S Deadlock NFL Week 1 Predictions

NFL predictions for Week One

I'm terrible at picking games - there I said it. It's an exercise of futility that I attempt to accomplish every single week of each NFL season - but in the end, I would never go with what I have to say. Even more, for the love of whatever deity (or science) you pray to, NEVER bet on what I have to say. In fact, if I were you, I'd go the opposite.

Still want to know my picks?

If so, read on.

Week 1

Thursday Night

Green Bay 24, New Orleans 20 - What an amazing opener for the season, two superb football teams that should be in playoff contention. Green Bay's at home, a bit healthier and Super Bowl champions are perfect since the Thursday Night season opener format has been instituted.


Chicago 20, Atlanta 16 - I'm not a big Falcon believer. Sure they got all the hype and made a splash with Julio Jones in the draft but I still question their defense. Chicago is still a solid ball club and as long as Jay Cutler doesn't throw the ball to the other team they should have a chance to win.

Houston 27, Indianapolis 10 - I know Kerry Collins is a decent quarterback but Peyton Manning masked a lot of the flaws on the Colts team. Without Peyton, those weaknesses are going to be glaring.

Upset Special: Buffalo 13, Kansas City 10 - My upset special this week is Buffalo winning at the difficult Arrowhead. I think the Bills could be one of those surprise teams this season. Kansas City didn't look like the same team that won the AFC West last season.

Tennessee 13, Jacksonville 10 - This may be one of the more boring games of the week. David Hasselhoff Matt Hasselbeck takes over the reigns for the Titans while Chris Johnson tries to overcome his inactivity in off-season to start earning that big payday he pulled. The Jags? Who the heck knows what they're doing over there. "Use the Force" Luke McCown will keep the seat warm until the Jags' season implodes and they turn the keys over to the kid.

Cleveland 20, Cincinnati 3 - Peyton Hillis taunts the Madden curse for the first time this year. Will Madden win? Maybe, maybe not, but his Browns will beat their cross state rivals.

St. Louis 24, Philadelphia 17 - Any time you've crowned yourself "The Dream Team" in the off-season, you instantly put more pressure on yourself. Sam's Rams are young, improving and at home. Philly's o-line has looked pretty shaky during the pre-season, DeSean Jackson whined all summer about his paycheck and Jeremy MacLin had that strange illness.

Baltimore 17, Pittsburgh 16 - One of the better games of the week features two of the league's best in a bitter divisional showdown. This one is way too close to call, flip a coin, either can win. I'll go with the home team in week one.

Detroit @ Tampa Bay - My preview and prediction will be published later this evening.

Minnesota 13, San Diego 10 - I won't pick the Chargers early in the season until they can prove they can start a season fast.

Washington 13, NY Giants 10 - The 9/11 game will be emotional for all those involved. The Giants have a M*A*S*H unit on defense and Washington hasn't looked terrible in Pre-Season. I think this one is prime for an surprise result.

Arizona 31, Carolina 13 - Two new eras begin as Kelvin Kolb takes the reigns for Arizona and Cam Newton begins his career with the Panthers. Arizona's a little further a long in their development and they have Larry Fitz - but don't be surprised if the Panthers hang in for a while.

San Francisco 6, Seattle 3 - I earlier mentioned that the Tennessee-Jacksonville game was going to be the most boring of the day. At least the Titans have David Hasselhoff Matt Hasselbeck.

Sunday Night

NY Jets 20, Dallas 10 - I know the national media loves their affair with "America's Team" but the reality is the Cowboys weren't very good last year and didn't really do all that much to make themselves better this year. The Jets should win the Ryan bowl.

Monday Night

New England 35, Miami 10 - The Pats open the 2011 season in Miami. Tom Brady vs. Chad Henne. Need we say more? Seriously though, the Dolphins tried to bring in some spice with Reggie Bush but they're going to learn quickly what the rest of us followers of the NFC South already know - Bush is a soft player who isn't an every down back.

Oakland 16, Denver 10 - I expect to be in a deep sleep by the time this one is over with.

Photographs by, thelastminute, turtlemom nancy , fesek, kthypryn, justinwright, sue_elias, pointnshoot, and scrapstothefuture used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.