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Bucs To Take Time With Coaching Decision

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris was let go on Jan. 2, and two weeks later, the team still remains without ahead coach. As Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reports, however, the slow approach may be a deliberate and smart one.

But the Bucs are in no hurry to fill their vacancy, as Peter King recently explained on NBC SportsTalk. And that’s a good thing.

Although it would be ideal to have a coaching staff in place for next week’s Senior Bowl practices, it’s more important to have the right coach to lead a team that already skews way too young. For the Bucs, the right coach will be a coach who can take control of the locker room, instilling discipline and focus for a squad that lost 10 games in a row to end the season.

Resolving a coaching search quickly isn't quite as important at the professional level as it is at the college level. Coaches don't have to recruit, and in most cases, don't make a lot of the scouting and personnel decisions related to April's NFL Draft.

For more on this hire and all things related to the Buccaneers, head over to the aforementioned Bucs Nation.

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