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Glazer Speaks on Raheem Morris, Future of the Bucs

It was a very interesting press conference for the Glazers (specifically Joel) who faced the music of the Tampa Bay press following the dismissal of Head Coach Raheem Morris.

Some of the interesting caveats from the presser:

“Everyone in the organization bears the responsibility for losing. The Owners, the Coach, the players. We’re all shoulder responsibility.”

Translation: Mark Dominik, you’re on notice.

“We have told the NFL we don’t want to participate in the London game for the forseeable future.”

It appears the Glazers are dedicated to rebuilding the fanbase here in Tampa.

“It will be an exhaustive search.”

Hopefully, it won’t be a repeat of Joel and Bryan’s Magical Mystery tour in 2002. It appears Mark Dominik will spearhead the search.

“We will not pigeon hole with specific parameters for the new coach.”

Leaves the door open for coordinators, position coaches and college coaches.

“We will spend money in free agency. We’ve never lost a player we wanted to re-sign because of money. We will spend to win. It’s all about winning.”

I think I speak for most when I say, proof is in the pudding, Joel. Put the money where your mouth is.

“We don’t like losing. No one hates losing more than us.”

That’s good to know. Now show us.

Dominik says, “I definitely take responsibility for the season.”

As you should, Mark. You overvalued the young talent and spurned one of the most lucrative free agent classes in NFL history. It’s led to this fiasco.

We’ll have more as it develops.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Tampa Bay and our sister site, for the latest developments on the Bucs coaching search.

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