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Tampa Bay Bucs Will Be Active in Free Agency, According To GM Dominik

In a departure from last year's philosophy, Tampa Bay Bucs general manager Mark Dominik vows to be involved in free agency.

Tampa Bay Bucs general manager Mark Dominik has declared that the Bucs "will be involved" in this season's free agent market.

Dominik said,

"We understand we're not a finished product. I know that there's things we need to address on this team and I know that we'll do it in all capacities. We're going to do it in free agency. I don't want people to be worried that we're not going to spend in free agency. We'll be involved."

This is somewhat opposite was Dominik said after last season. Granted, the circumstances were somewhat opposite as well. The Bucs were coming off a 10-6 season, plus the lockout threw a wrench in the free agency market. Still, in an article titled "Mark Dominik on free agency: 'The grass isn't greener," Dominik justified standing pat on free agency by saying,

"But we stayed the course and we’re going to stay the course. I feel energy from the fans, that they’re excited about this football team, they’re excited about these young guys and they can’t wait to go out and see the games and see what they can do. I’m the same way."

The Bucs finished 4-12 last season, which could change the strategy.

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