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Buccaneers Coaching Search: Is The Team Interested In A Mystery Candidate?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the middle of a search for a new head coach, and while we have heard some reports about who they might be interested in, there is a real possibility that we don't really know who they are targeting and who the next coach might be. According to Adam Schefter via our own Bucs Nation, the team might even have some mystery candidates in mind that we haven't even considered yet.

I believe their sights are set on different coaches at this point in time. They've been very tight-lipped about it, that's the way that Tampa Bay has always operated. And at some point there will be a candidate, a legitimate candidate that leaks out and you say "Oh that makes sense" and that'll be the guy.

And maybe they fall in love with Mike Sherman or Jerry Gray. I just think that they have a longer list of candidates than we know, a deeper list of candidates than we know and there's other candidates they really like that we don't know.

The Bucs seem to be interested in bringing in an offensive coach, but that only limits things to half of all available coaches. If we thought we had a pretty good handle on the Bucs coaching search before, Schefter might have just thrown a big wrench into that.

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