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Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman being evaluated on 'body of work'

The Tampa Bay coaching staff is trying not to let his poor play in recent weeks overshadow everything the young QB has done in the NFL.


Bucs QB Josh Freeman has been one of the most frustrating players in the NFL, tantalizing fans with brilliant performances but never displaying the consistency necessary to become one of league's top signal callers.

He's currently mired in a four-game slump, with things bottoming out in their 41-0 shutout loss to the Saints last Sunday.

However, Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan told reporters on Wednesday that the coaching staff still believes in Freeman despite his latest bout of poor play (courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times):

"I think the thing that nobody can argue with is the high level of execution that has been on display at times out there on the field," Sullivan said. "Not just the deep ball or the game-winning drive versus Carolina. We can go on and on about some of the positives, and you certainly can point (out) some of the things that could improve, that could be better as part of continuing to grow. It's an ongoing process. We are excited (about) the entire body of work."

Freeman, after all, is still only 24 years old. But with Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck taking the NFL by storm in their first seasons, the days of counseling patience with a young QB may have come and gone.

Of course, the Bucs don't have anyone like those two young stars on their roster and the QB crop in the 2013 NFL Draft may not have them either, so for now, Tampa Bay may have no choice but to be patient with Freeman.

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