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2012 NFL Draft Reaction: Doug Martin Could Be An Early Difference Maker For Buccaneers

The 2012 NFL Draft is finally in the books, but we will still be analyzing the results for the next few years, I'm sure. Mel Kiper just came out with a new article at ESPN where he notes some players from the Draft that he believes could be impact players early in their NFL careers. The Buccaneers' late first rounder Doug Martin made the cut.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Martin finishes 2012 with more carries than LeGarrette Blount. He's a really hard worker and will come into camp ready to compete. But more than that, he's just a really complete back. He'll be able to get wide more than Blount, and you want him on the field because he's such a good pass-catcher, an area where Blount really struggles. David Wilson will also get his carries for the New York Giants.

Running back is one of the positions that it is easiest to have early success at in the NFL, so it would not surprise me if Martin was very good in his first year. It also helps that he has Blount to help share the load, so he won't feel too much pressure as the feature back. If he starts right away, he could be very effective.

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