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Is Bucs QB Josh Freeman A Concern?

Let's just get this out there: Buccaneers fans, at least some who write for this network, are getting increasingly worried about their franchise quarterback Josh Freeman. After having what appeared to be a breakout year in 2010 when he threw for 25 touchdowns and six interceptions, he turned around in 2011 and put up 16 TD tosses to go with 29 interceptions.

Not good.

And Freeman hasn't exactly been impressive this preseason. Here's some perspective from Bucs Nation:

Okay, count me in with the crowd that are officially worried about Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman. As BucWild so eloquently wrote in his breakdown of the Freechise, the man the Bucs' hopes and dreams are riding upon is still struggling with things a fourth year quarterback shouldn't be. Progressions, staring down receivers, leading receivers with his passes, decision making and accuracy on the short to intermediate routes continue to elude the Tampa Bay quarterback. After starting out smoking hot against New England, Freeman fell apart. Some of that could have been attributed to the illness he had early in the week but frankly the throws Freeman were missing are ones NFL quarterbacks are expected to make. I know I may be in the vast minority, but I still believe Josh has it in him to be great. The longer this goes, though, the more reality will trump belief.

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