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NHL Lockout 2012: Owners reject 3 player CBA proposals

Both sides of the NHL lockout were discouraged by recent talks, capped by the rejection of three counter-offers made by the players association.


The NHL owners and the NHL Players Association have yet to come to a deal, reports the Tampa Bay Times. The latest development was the league's declining of three counter-offers made by the players.

The most recent offer from the owners came on Tuesday, and was said to be a 50-50 split. The players countered with three offers they claimed approached 50-50 over the course of the proposed deals, something the owners disputed. Players received 57 percent of revenue under the prior CBA.

Tampa Bay Lightning winger B.J. Crombeen, a member of the negotiating team for the players association, was not encouraged by the rejection of the offer:

"We made a significant proposal that we thought would get a deal done," [Crombeen] said. "All lead to 50-50 in different ways, so if (the owners are) stuck on their proposal, we could miss significant time."

The three counteroffers rejected were:

  • A plan giving the players a fixed share of revenue that would be negotiated for this year and the next two. Following that, it would be determined by revenue growth.
  • A plan to have the players recieve 24.7 percent of the NHL's projection of 5% growth, leaving the players with 50 percent of revenues in the fifth year of the deal.
  • A 50-50 split that called for current contracts to be honored.

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly claimed the third offer was not a true 50-50 split. According to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, a deal would need to be reached by Oct. 25 in order to get in a full 82-game schedule.

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