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Evan Longoria Has His Camaro Stolen

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Yesterday morning, I woke up to find this news being reported by Marc Topkin and the St. Pete Times

3B Evan Longoria had a classic Camaro, valued at $75,000, stolen from a lot in Arizona where it was being refurbished, according to a report in the Arizona Republic.

Longoria had a 1967 black and white Camaro RS being upgraded by a Gilber, Ariz., company, but the car, and another, were stolen over the weekend.

Longoria also has a 1969 Camaro SS that he has been driving to games in Port Charlotte.

First of all, that really stinks. It's always a horrible feeling to have your car broken into or stolen, and I can only imagine what that must feel like when the car is so valuable. I know Longoria isn't exactly hurting for money - and he has a second Camaro, for crying out loud - but still, that's not fun news.

But more importantly, Evan Longoria owns two Camaros?

I know so much gets made out of Longoria's contract - he's underpaid, his agent screwed him, why did he ever sign it? - but this is one of those moments where you realize that no matter how "little" Longoria is making, he's still got nothing to complain about. He's made around $2M over the last few seasons, and he's making another $2M this season alone. He's 25 years old and he's already a multimillionaire with two Camaros. Talk about living the life.

If Longoria had been one of the many athletes to flame out upon reaching the majors or if he suffered a career ending injury, he'd already be set for life financially. His contract may seem small in comparison with other star baseball players, but he's guaranteed another $13M after this season. Analysts can criticize Longoria's agent all they want, but I don't think Longoria is going to be complaining anytime soon. He just lost a Camaro, but eh, why worry? Or as he says:

"I hope they find it but odds are if they do its not going to be in the same shape when it left. .. It sucks, but what can you do. If someone is going to take something, they're going to take something."

C'est le vie.

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